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Employee Benefits contribute significantly to an employee’s commitment and loyalty to an organization.  As the importance of benefits in fostering employee loyalty grows, providing the right package is critical to organizational success.

By investing in a Group Insurance Plan for your employees:

  • You can attract and retain employees which helps minimise costs associated with high turnover.
  • You and your employees have access to insurance at a reduced cost, compared to most individual insurance plans.
  • You and your employees have access to insurance and coverage that otherwise may not be available through many Individual Plans or through Provincial Health Care.
  • The premiums paid by the employer on behalf of the employees are tax deductible, allowing the opportunity to write off premiums as a business expense Additionally, the benefits received by the employee are tax free.
  • Improves morale and increases productivity by providing financial security and support when employees need it most.

We offer a broad range of employee benefit options designed for small and large groups. We work together with our clients and the insurance carriers and strive to provide the best benefits package to suit our client’s needs and budget. In addition, we keep our clients informed of changing trends in the insurance marketplace and adapt plans where necessary to ensure the integrity of their program continues to benefit our clients.

Our client’s satisfaction is always first and foremost.